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Even during economic downturn, Modi govt waived debt of 50 top defaulters, including Mehul Choksi

Mumbai. Responding to RTI, Central Public Information Officer of RBI, Abhay Kumar made the disclosure that Modi government was trying to hide in every way.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has said in a reply under Right to Information that the staggering amount of Rs 68,607 crore has been waived from 50 top willful defaulters including absconding diamond trader Mehul Choksi.

The top 50 willful defaulters are people from various sectors of the economy including IT, infrastructure, electricity, gold-diamond jewellery, pharma, etc. According to the report of the news-force IANS, this has been revealed in the reply received by RTI activist Saket Gokhale.

It is worth noting that the question related to this was not given a clear answer by the Modi government on 16 February in Parliament. After which an answer was sought from RBI through RTI.

According to an RTI activist, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Minister of State for Finance Anurag Thakur had refused to answer the question asked by Congress MP Rahul Gandhi in Parliament on 16 February.

RBI (RBI) said that this amount (Rs 68,607 crore) which includes arrears and technical amount written down. However, the RBI has refused to provide information about foreign borrowers, citing the Supreme Court ruling.

The RTI activist said that the central bank also refused to give relevant information about foreign borrowers, citing the December 16, 2015 Supreme Court decision.

Gitanjali Gems Limited (a debtor of Rs 5492 crore) scam affected by the bank defaulter diamond trader Mehul Choksi (Mehul Choksi), who is absconding on the top of this list of defaulters, its other companies such as Gili India Limited and Nakshatra Brands Ltd 1,447 respectively Crore and a loan of Rs 1,109 crore.

The vigil currently holds citizenship of Antigua and Barbados Islands. While his nephew and another absconding diamond trader Nirav Modi is in London.

The second in the list is REI Agro Limited with an amount of Rs 4,314 crore and its directors Sandeep Jhunjhunwala and Sanjay Jhunjhunwala who have been under Enforcement Directorate (ED) investigation for more than a year.

The next number is Jatin Mehta, owner of diamond merchant Winsome Diamond & Jewelery, who escaped with a loan of Rs 4,076 crore and whose bank fraud is being investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

In the Rs 2,000-crore category, Kanpur-based Rotomac Global Private Limited is part of the famous Kothari Group and owed Rs 2,850 crore.

Other companies in this category include Kudos Kimi, Punjab (Rs 2,326 crore), Babu Ramdev and Balkrishna’s group company Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd, Indore (Rs 2,212 crore), and Zoom Developers Pvt Ltd, Gwalior ( 2,012 crore).

Some of the prominent names are Harish R. Mehta’s Ahmedabad-based Forever Precious Jewelery and Diamonds Pvt Ltd (Rs 1962 crore) and absconding liquor businessman Vijay Mallya’s defunct Kingfisher Airlines Ltd (Rs 1,943 crore).

There are other 25 companies that owe Rs 605 crore to Rs 984 crore, either individually or as group companies. Six of the top 50 willful defaulters are associated with the diamond and gold jewelery industries.

(Received by agency)

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