Friday, August 12, 2022
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Criminals unbridled in UP, ruthless killing of 2 youths within 5 hours

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In the Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh, due to the non vigilance of police, the spirits of criminals are high. The sensation has spread due to the ruthless killing of 2 youths within just 5 hours. One case of the murder of deadly attack on two brothers in Khairighat police station area was not solved yet and the news one ruthless killing of a youth living in the Kotwali area spread the panic. The dead body of the boy was found covered with blood on the roadside. In both cases, the police have filed a case against unknown criminals and started investigating.

Dileep, a resident of Bhawanipur of Khairghat area, Bahraich went to the market on a motorcycle with his younger brother. While returning, about 5 people sitting ambushed, attacked on both of them and started beating them with sticks. Dileep suffered serious injuries in the attack, which led to his death on the way to the hospital.

It was not even quiet yet that the damaged body of Riyazuddin, caused a sensation. Riyazuddin was resident of Nagaur in police station’s Kotwali countryside area. His dead body was found on the roadside at some distance from his house.

It is being speculated that the deceased who came out of the house had a dispute with someone in which the killer crushed his head with a brick lying on the road and killed him. On the spot, the police have also recovered brick which is soaked with blood.

ASP, Ajay Pratap, who reached the spot, told to News Readers’s correspondent that there is a possibility of conflict between the deceased and the killer, a case is being investigated at the moment.

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Mohd Amir
Mohammad Amir is freelancer reporter from Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh state in India. He is working in press line at-least 7 years. He has worked for number of news channels. Contact with him via mail: or whatsapp at +91-9198-624-866
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