Dhanteras 2022: Steel utensils cheap, prices of these utensils jump up to 10%

On the occasion of Dhanteras 2022, huge crowd is being seen in the markets. The district administration and police are also on alert mode during the festive season. Utensil shops are decorated for Dhanteras. Steel, copper, brass utensils and kitchen sets from branded companies are available in the market.

The prices of copper, brass utensils have increased by 10 per cent as compared to last year. While the prices of steel utensils have come down by 10 percent. In the last two years, due to the Corona epidemic, the festival had become a mere ritual. Corona had snatched the beauty of the market.

This time the situation is better. According to businessman Rajendra Khatri, branded companies have come in the market, due to which the customer is getting a very good deal. Traditional copper, brass utensils have become costlier by ten percent. At the same time, steel utensils are somewhat cheaper this time. Despite the increase in the price, people are reaching the market to buy.

Purchase of Silverware

Silver spoons, bowls, glasses and plates are also being procured. Traders associated with the business of silver told that silver utensils have been a tradition and hobby to be used in food for years. People have started making silver spoons, bowls and other items. The hobby of using silver utensils has also increased among people.

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