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Trump took Corona threats lightly in primary days, today the whole country facing punishment


New York: Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc all over the world. 2502 people have died in US within 24 hours. According to the information, in January itself, US Health Minister informed the White House about threats of corona epidemic. Yet President Trump ignored it, now result of which the entire country is suffering today.

So far, 1 million, 38 thousand and 45 people have threat to corona epidemic in US, which is the highest in any country.

Number of infected people has crossed one million and the number of dead has reached fifty thousand, which is more than any other country.

The New York Times etc. reports that after the first case was confirmed in US on January 18, US Health and Public Service Minister Alex Ezar informed the White House about threat of Corona epidemic.

Despite being aware of the threat of Corona, President Trump ignored it. In early February, the President predicted that epidemic would end by April.

By the end of February, only four thousand people had been tested for virus in the US.

But by the time the Emergency was declared in the US on March 13, the best opportunity to prevent the epidemic had passed. The epidemic spread throughout the country.

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