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Corona havoc in US within 8 day, killed more than Vietnam war


New York: Corona virus (Covid-19) continues to wreak havoc. It has engulfed the whole world. In US, 2200 people have died in 24 hours by Corona. While the number of people who have fallen prey to it has crossed 1 million. As of 20 April, this number was around half of million, which has doubled in just 8 days.

US – Corona killed more than Vietnam war

According to data released from John Hopkins University, the number of people infected with corona in America has reached 10 lakh 2 thousand 498. While the death toll from this virus has increased to 58465. This number is more than the number of American soldiers killed in the Vietnam War.

According to the latest data, more than 3.1 million people worldwide have come under the grip of this dangerous virus. So far, 31 lakh 6 thousand 700 people of the world have been infected with this virus. At the same time, this virus has killed 2 lakh 14 thousand 645 people. At the same time, more than one lakh people have completely recovered from corona infection.

America’s New York and New Jersey provinces are the worst affected by Corona. About three million cases of corona infection have been confirmed in New York alone. More than one lakh cases of corona infection have been reported in New Jersey so far while more than six thousand people have died from this epidemic.

According to CSSE, Massachusetts, Illinois, California and Pennsylvania are the provinces where more than 40,000 cases of Covid-19 have been reported so far. The US is planning to mandatorily implement a coronavirus probe for passengers on international flights severely battling the virus.

Corona check mandatory for passengers on international flights in US

Under this, people coming from countries affected by Covid-19 will have to undergo a corona check. Giving details of the plan, US President Donald Trump said in regular press talks at the White House on Tuesday that, “We are going to put in place a system in which it will be mandatory to conduct a corona investigation.” We are working closely with the airlines companies on this plan. ”

Citing the example of Brazil, Trump said that people coming to the US would have to check the body temperature and corona virus before boarding the plane. Giving more information in this regard, the US President said that such a rule will be specially made for travelers from countries which are severely affected by this epidemic.

Earlier, the US has imposed travel restrictions on citizens of China and European countries to prevent corona infection. He also supported the idea of ​​mandatory wearing of masks while traveling in passenger airlines.

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