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This good news comes from Lucknow between lockdown, soon ….

Lockdown: Good news is coming from all three coronavirus hotspot areas built in Bazaar Khala, Saadatganj and Talkatora police station area of ​​Lucknow capital of Uttar Pradesh.

Not a single Coronavirus positive case has been found from these areas in the last one month. According to the information, the UP government will soon remove these areas from the list of hotspots.

Explain that after receiving a patient Coronavirus positive in Pir Bakka of Talkatora a month ago and 7 patients of Corona from Gulab Nagar locality of Saadatganj, the two areas of Lucknow were declared hot spots. Was sealed.

Since then, all the people living in these areas have been imprisoned inside their homes for almost a month.

Now after a month the news is that the corona positive patients found from these two areas have been cured, who have been sent to quarantine center after being discharged from the hospital.

Several more corona suspects from these two areas were also sent for a sample investigation, but reports of all have come negative.

Found in Bazar Khala’s Karehata Corona infected patients A second investigative report of the corona also found no corona infection.

The Health Department team had also sent samples from Karehata Mohalla to investigate the samples of many others, in which all the reports have been found negative.

Similarly, the first hot spot of Chowk area police station Hata Sangebeg has also come out of the danger category. All the corona positive patients found here are almost cured.

A team of 40 people including three policemen along with 37 people living in this locality had sent samples for investigation by the team of Health Department. Everyone’s report is found negative here too.

Although the second hotspot of Chowk police station area, Katra Azam Baig Mohalla is still sensitive, as a total of 13 people, including the KGMU nurse, living in this locality, have been found to have coronavirus infection so far.

The sample taken from this area is yet to receive the investigation report of some people.

During lockdown, no new cases of coronavirus have come to light in the four hotspots of Kaisarbagh police station area, Nazarbagh, Phulbagh, Nazirabad and Lalbagh of Lucknow city.

Model House Mohalla of Aminabad police station area adjacent to Kaiserbagh remains a matter of concern for the Health Department.

So far, corona virus infection has been confirmed in two people, while samples have been taken for investigation of all the people.

Currently no patients with coronavirus infection have been reported from the hot spots of Naka and Wazirganj police station area.

If seen, except for 2 hotspot areas of Lucknow West region, almost all areas are now moving rapidly towards normalcy.

In this context, it is expected that hotspot areas where new cases of coronavirus have not been reported, those areas can get freedom from sealing fences soon.

If everything goes well, then due to coronavirus in lockdown these Red zone areas of Lucknow may became soon Orange And then Green zone Can be placed in the category of.

DCP West Best Tripathi says that it is up to the health department to decide when to bring the hotspot area into the general category.

He said that the police team is constantly monitoring all the hotspot areas in the western region.

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