ATM cheater gang member arrested with 17 ATMs

Dehradun: On date 31.05.2022, plaintiff Sanjay Sharma son Om Prakash resident Shivpuri Dakpathar has withdrawn Rs 50000/- by fraudulently changing ATM by unknown agent of plaintiff’s wife on date 26.05.2022 at post office. And on the date 20.08.2022, Sunil Kumar resident of Kalyan Pur Vikasnagar Dehradun came to the police station and gave a written complaint stating that by fraudulent persons, the plaintiff’s SBI ATM card has been changed and Rs.90,000/- has been withdrawn from his account.

On which the case was registered under section 420 Bhadvi. For the unveiling of the charge, a team was formed by the Inspector-in-Charge, Kotwali Vikasnagar and sent to the area, for the arrest of the accused, instructions were issued by the Senior Superintendent of Police, Dehradun, and directed to check the affected police stations of the district and on the border adjoining the border. In the order of the instructions received, as per the orders of Superintendent of Police, Rural, District Dehradun and under the efficient supervision of District Magistrate, Vikas Nagar, Inspector-in-Charge, Kotwali Vikasnagar, constituted separate teams for effective checking under the police station area at Barotiwala Chowk. , Vikasnagar Bazar, Babugarh Chowk, Herbertpur, Kulhal Border, Dakpathar, Dakpathar Barrage Border District border police stations were briefed and sent to the area by directing the teams for effective checking. On 20.08.2022, on the information of the informer, while observing about 100 -120 CCTV cameras at the site of the incident and the surrounding area, on 20.08.2022, at Power House Dhakrani. Nearby Abhi Arun Kumar son Kehar Singh age 39 years resident of Galira Road Uttarakhand Colony Police Station Sadar Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh was arrested with 17 ATM cards of various banks and car number DL8CU 6529 RITZ used in the incident.

interrogation of the accused
During interrogation by the accused, it was told that the accused people are unemployed and due to financial constraints, all of us together sometimes rake ATMs at different places and if we see any elderly and women alone, then we enter the ATM there on any pretext. By complicating the person withdrawing money, they see their ATM password and from the ATMs of different companies already with them, the ATM of the same company used to catch them and withdraw money from other ATMs. In both the above incidents also Abhi and his partner Nitu son Naresh resident of village Buddakheda police station, Charthawal district, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh told them to do the above incidents by executing the plan in the same way.

recovery details
1–Incident Vehicle RITZ Car DL 8CU-6529
5 ATM cards of different banks total 17
Name Address Arrested Accused
Arun Kumar son Kehar Singh age 39 years resident of Galira Road Uttarakhand Colony Police Station Sadar Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh.
criminal history
1- M.S. 201/2022 Section 420 Bhadvi.
2- M.S. 317/2022 Section 420 Bhadvi.

Note – In relation to the criminal history of the officer, information is being collected from other police stations and other states as well.

police team
1- SHO Shankar Singh Bisht Inspector in-charge Kotwali Vikasnagar
2- V.U.N. Deepak Maithani Kotwali Vikasnagar
3 UNIT Arjun Singh Gusai Choki In-charge Poststone
4- Kani0482 Trepan Singh
5-Con. 191 Kuldeep Kumar
6 CAN0173 Tejpal

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