Home Politics Sachin Pilot gave reason for his displeasure, saying Ashok Gehlot…

Sachin Pilot gave reason for his displeasure, saying Ashok Gehlot…


Jaipur. Sachin Pilot has finally made his point in the midst of political turmoil going on in Rajasthan for the last 5 days.

In an interview to an agency, Pilot said that this is not a political fight, it is a fight for self-respect.

He said, the notice sent to me by the state police in the MLA-horse-trading case also contains treason charges, it has hurt my self-esteem.

Pilot said, “The Congress party has been opposed to the sedition law. In the manifesto of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, we had spoken of denying the Drakeian treason law. It is now being used against our own ministers in our own party. I have taken this step against injustice. ”

I am not joining BJP – (Sachin Pilot)

When Sachin Pilot was talked about joining BJP, he clearly said that he is not joining BJP. He has not even met any BJP leader for the last 6 months. He also denied meeting Jyotiraditya Scindia.

Officers were told not to follow my instructions

Pilot said, “I don’t want any kind of post or power, nor am I angry with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. All I wanted was to fulfill the promises made to the public. Which did not work at all. ”

He said “I was not allowed to do development work in Rajasthan. The officers were told not to follow my instructions. The files were not sent to me. ”

Sachin Pilot further said, “Cabinet meetings were not held for months. National leaders of Congress were also apprised in this regard. Now what is the meaning of a post where I cannot get any work done for the public. ”