UN said, Corona pandemic has brought havoc due to the failures of Modi govt

New Delhi: United Nations (UN) has blamed the Government of India for devastation caused by second wave of the Corona pandemic. UN said in their report that, “the lack of concerted policy efforts has caused the pandemic to bring unprecedented catastrophe that will scar the social and employment landscape for many years.”

Report said that in 2020, there has been a loss of 8.8 percent of the total working time, i.e. 255 million full-time workers could work for a year.

200 million people may be unemployed in 2022 due to lockdown

In the context of heavy unemployment on the epidemic, a report by the United Nations (UN) said that 205 million people are expected to be unemployed next year due to the lockdown caused by the epidemic. At the same time, 10.8 crore workers have reached the category of ‘poor or extremely poor’. Whereas in 2019, 18.7 crore people were unemployed.

UN’s labour agency ‘International Labour Organization’ (ILO) said in its report ‘World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2021’ on Wednesday that the crisis in the labour market caused by the Kovid-19 epidemic is not over and it has to compensate for the losses. Employment growth will be insufficient until at least 2023.

The report said that the employment gap created by the global crisis will reach 75 million in 2021 and 23 million in 2022. The crisis of unemployment will reach a high level due to reduction in employment and working hours. The regions most affected in the first half of this year are Latin America and the Caribbean region, Europe and Central Asia.


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