Mother force to convert religion of son & daughter-in-law, couple took this step…

Alwar: Mother was pressurizing her son and daughter-in-law to convert to religion. The victim couple along with the officials of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal have met the Superintendent of Police and requested for protection in this matter.

Couple Sonu and his wife Rajni have accused their family members of pressurizing them to convert. Couple has also made serious allegations of vandalism and desecration of idols and posters of Hindu gods and goddesses.

A report has been lodged in this regard at AEB police station on behalf of the victim’s family. The police have started the process of registering a report.

Tear and broke Hindu God’s images

Victim Sonu told that some people from our own family have converted to Christianity. When we do worship. They oppose us by lighting incense sticks and lamps and offering havan during worship.

They tear and break the pictures of our deities. They beat Forces us to convert to religion. According to Sonu, he want to live by Hindu customs but these people harass him. Sonu alleged that they say that nothing is kept in Hinduism. Everything that is in Jesus Christ.

Family members are associated with Christianity since last 2 years

He told the SP that our family members are associated with Christianity for the last two years. Since then we are being harassed.

He has appealed to them for protection. The Superintendent of Police has assured to take action on this.

Superintendent of Police Tejaswini Gautam said that people from the victim’s family and some organizations had met him.

He has accused him of pressurizing him to change his religion. Police has started investigating the matter.

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