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Appeal to Mamata govt, construct Dom Ghat Bridge and save people lives

Medinipur East: The incredible faith of the people for Mamata Banerjee (Didi) in West Bengal can be judged, when Mamata government came to power for the third time despite many adversity. While state government is continuously busy in development, there are many such backward areas where people are facing difficulties due to the negligence of government officials.

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The story of ‘Dom Ghat’ bridge made of bamboo-balls on Zikoriya dam located in Udaipur village of Mednipur East district of West Bengal remains the same since the independence of the country. Many people have lost their lives due to this dilapidated and deadly bridge. Despite this, government department is still keeping its eyes closed with cotton in its ears. Big leaders have made promises many times in local elections, but after winning the elections, they are hardly visible.

After going round the government offices and getting fed up with the false promises of the leaders, people have now decided to convey their point directly to the chief of the state, Mamta Banerjee. Villagers believe that except ‘Mamata Didi’, no one is going to listen their plea.

While talking with ‘The Gandhigiri‘ team, local resident and social worker Enul Rahman said that the population of village is around five lakhs. Villagers have to travel long distances to reach the city. At the same time, it is very dangerous to pass through the temporary bamboo ball bridge on Dom Ghat. Many times the bridge has been broken and more than 17 people have lost their lives. Situation becomes even more dangerous during floods.

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Rahman said that, “There has been a lot of loss of life and property due to the temporary bridge. Many times bridge has been broken during the floods. Local leaders promise to build permanent bridge every time during the elections. we have also tired of giving applications for construction of the bridge in the government offices as well. Now, problem of bridge has to be conveyed to the Chief Minister in some way. We are confident that only Mamata Didi can get the bridge built. If a permanent bridge is built, people will be able to go to the city easily and there is no danger.

While talking with ‘The Gandhigiri’ team, social worker Ainul Rehman, Rajab Ali Qadri, Neser Ali, Umar Ali, Hakim Ali, Azimul Rehman, Sameeruddin, Saqeel Ali, Jalaluddin, Ranjit Adak, Sochi Nandi She, Lailoon Nehar Bibi, Shahadat Ali and Montu Ali were present on the spot.

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