Akhilesh target BJP on rising inflation, said- “BJP not come to eradicate poverty, but poors”

Akhilesh target BJP on rising inflation

Lucknow: Samajwadi Party National President and former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav said that, “The slogan of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas” is used lot but in reality BJP supports only some capitalists and works only on their trust. Instead of alleviating the problems, it keeps conspiring to increase them. After ruining the agricultural economy, now they (BJP) are trying to ruin the domestic economy as well.”

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He said, Ever since the BJP came to power, inflation has become formidable. Due to its spread all around, the back of the common man has been broken. Through inflation, the BJP is trying to create a situation of scarcity in every area so that people go hungry. Due to malnourishment and disease, the times keep getting worse. His formula is to destroy the poor to remove poverty. Petrol-diesel is a daily requirement, due to its expensive, daily consumption items also automatically become expensive.

Petrol has become more expensive by more than 10 percent in two months, while diesel prices are also increasing day and night according to the saying of quadruple. The steep rise in the cost of agriculture and transportation is having a profound impact on the rural economy. The farmer could not even explain the problems caused by the increased prices of irrigation, fertilizers, seeds, insecticides, agricultural machinery and tillage that increased electricity rates have been imposed on him. Diesel rates have gone up by 40 per cent in the last six months. In comparison, there has been an increase of 25% in freight rates. Due to the increase in freight, the prices of vegetables, fruits and all other essential commodities have also increased.

Due to the increased prices of petrol and diesel, there has been a huge jump in the fares of transport services tempo, bus, rail. Now according to the latest information, the prices of LPG have also been increased drastically. The subsidized gas cylinder has become costlier by Rs 25 to 50 while the commercial cylinder has become costlier by Rs 84. According to the information received from RTI, the Government of India has benefited Rs 4.51 lakh crore from petroleum products. Earned a lot from oil producing companies. In the midst of all this, the public has been grinding.

Due to the inflation of food items, people have to cut down on nutritious food. The result is the death of the poor man due to malnutrition and hunger. Inhuman steps are sometimes taken by many parents distracted by the suffering of children crippled by malnutrition and hunger. Just now a mother had buried her child, which people saved. Somewhere the father ran away leaving the children in the station or hospital. Somewhere the parents committed suicide in the trouble with the children.

Experts are of the opinion that the inflationary phase in the country is not going to stop yet. Anyway, many socio-economic crises have arisen due to the corona pandemic. Unemployment has increased due to the closure of industries. People’s income has decreased. The BJP government has given many reliefs to the big people, but it has not even looked at the plight of the common man. She wants to end the poor.

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