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US should focus on its economy instead of blaming others: China

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Beijing: US President Donald Trump and his allies are busy blaming China unnecessarily over the Covid-19 epidemic. But due to the lethargy of the Trump administration, about a million people have been infected in America. While more than 53 thousand citizens have been killed. Along with this, the American economy is also expected to suffer heavy losses due to this crisis.

According to the latest report of the US Congressional Financial Office, the US economy may fall by up to 40 percent due to the corona virus epidemic. The federal deficit is expected to increase to $ 3 trillion.

While the national debt can also reach $ 27 trillion. The situation has become such that America’s fiscal deficit and debt of 2020 is going to be the highest after the Second World War.

Despite the economy and citizens getting infected by the virus, big leaders like US President Trump and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo are not looking serious. They are constantly blaming China. Perhaps they are trying to make China a scapegoat, avoiding responsibility for the country’s poor condition.

It is clear that the United States tried its best to impose a trade ban against China even before Covid-19. Now even in the hour of global trouble, Trump is not deterred by getting entangled with China.

The demand of the time says that instead of quarreling with China, the US government should focus on its economy, because given the current situation, it does not seem that America will be able to recover from this crisis so soon. If the Trump administration does not take measures in time, then the country will suffer badly.

There is a need to learn from the rapid and quick steps that China has taken to stop the spread of the virus. China has come out of this trouble after nearly two months of lockdown. Now China is trying to help other countries.

Please tell here that China is the second largest economic power in the world, in such a future it will not be easy for America to move forward without Chinese cooperation.

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