Uttarakhand: Horse-Mule & Dandi-Kandi earning more than helicopter

In Uttarakhand, this time around 211 crores business has been done in Kedarnath and Yamunotri Yatra only by horse-mules, heli tickets and travel fare of Dandi-Kandi. In addition to the departments, on the basis of the data received from the concerned district administration, Administrative Officer Vanshidhar Tiwari said that this year only around 190 crores business has been done from travel tickets, horse mules and travel fares of Heli and Dandi Kandi.

Probably for the first time, horse, mule traders in Kedarnath Dham did a record business of about one billion nine crore 28 lakh rupees. Due to which the government also got more than eight crore rupees in revenue. The administration of Uttarkashi and Rudraprayag districts had registered 8664 mules of 4302 horse owners. This season 5.34 lakh pilgrims traveled on horse and mules till Kedarnath Dham.

The same dandi-kandi people earned Rs 86 lakh and heli companies did a business of Rs 75 crore 40 lakh. Here the government received revenue of about 75 lakhs from Sitapur and Sonprayag parking. On the last stop of Char Dham Yatra yesterday, the doors of Baba Kedar and Mother Shri Yamunotri were closed for the winter due to law. About three years after the Kovid transition period, the Chardham Yatra was seen brightly due to the efforts of the Central and State Governments.

This year the Chardham Yatra has set new records by breaking all the records. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has expressed happiness over the successful conduct of Chardham Yatra. He said that the economic activities of the state have got a boost. He said that the aim of our government is to beautify all the mythological temples and connect them with tourism.

He said that due to the efforts of the government and efficient travel management, 46 lakh pilgrims have performed the Chardham Yatra so far this year. This is the highest figure in the last two decades. 15 lakh 36 thousand pilgrims visited Shri Kedarnath Dham.

Horse-Mule earn more than helicopters in Kedarnath

This time many new records have been made in Kedarnath Dham Yatra. So far more than 15.55 lakh pilgrims have visited Baba Kedar here. Horsemen alone have done a business of 1.09 billion. From this he has earned Rs 1.01 billion. At the same time, heli companies did a business of 75 crores. Around 1.5 lakh pilgrims reached Kedarnath by helicopter. Dandi Kandi also earned about 86 lakhs.

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