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Shraddha Walker Murder Case: Like Aftab, Rajesh also cut his wife into 72 pieces

The brutal murder of Shraddha Walker, resident of Palghar, Maharashtra, once again shook the entire nation. The killer boyfriend Aftab, who cut 35 pieces of Shraddha, is currently in the custody of the police. Cases like the Shraddha Walker murder case in Delhi had also come to the fore in the quiet litigants of Dehradun. In 2010, software engineer Rajesh Gulati brutally murdered his wife Anupama Gulati. After committing the murder, the dead body was cut into 72 pieces with an electric saw in the house itself.

The body pieces were kept in a large deep freezer. Rajesh slowly threw the pieces of the dead body in the forest. This heart-wrenching incident came to light on December 11, 2010 in Cantt Kotwali area. Software engineer Rajesh Gulati lived in a house in Dehradun with wife Anupama and two children.

Anupama suddenly went missing on 17 October 2010, and the case was open when Bhai reached Dehradun. The Dehradun court sentenced Rajesh Gulati to life imprisonment on September 1, 2017 and also imposed a fine of Rs 15 lakh, out of which Rs 70,000 was ordered to be deposited in the state fund and the remaining amount to be deposited in the bank till his children attain majority.

Kept wife’s parents misguided for two months

Whenever the children asked Rajesh about his mother, he would say that his mother had gone to Nana’s house. It went on like this for about two months. Meanwhile, the people of the maternal side could not contact Anupama, so on December 11, 2010, Anupama’s brother reached Rajesh’s Prakash Nagar residence, but he was not allowed to enter the house.

He gave this information to the police. When the police searched the house, pieces of Anupama Gulati’s dead body were found from the deep freezer kept in a room. The court sentenced Rajesh Gulati to life imprisonment in this case.

Deep freezer was bought for 20 thousand rupees

According to the charge sheet, the next day Rajesh bought a deep freezer from the market for Rs 20,000 and hid the dead body in it. When the blood froze, Rajesh bought a stone-cutting grinder and saw from the market and cut the corpse into pieces. To dispose of the dead body, he cut some pieces in polythene and threw them down the hill in Mussoorie. He was doing this slowly so that no one could doubt, but in the meantime his secret was lost.

Both did love marriage

Rajesh did love marriage with Anupama on 10 February 1999. The affair between the two was going on since 1992. After marriage, in the year 2000, Rajesh went to the US with Anupama. There they had twins Siddharth and Sonakshi in June 2006. Both came to Delhi in the year 2008. After this Rajesh came to Dehradun along with the family.

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