Friday, August 12, 2022
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Why China fired due to US Senators visiting Taiwan?

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Beijing: China lodged a diplomatic protest with US on Monday over the visit of three US senators to Taiwan. China said that the US should stop all official contact with Taiwan.

Amid China’s concern, the US senator flew to Taiwan on a military plane to announce the donation of the covid vaccine.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that China has lodged a serious protest with the US over the visit of the senators.

He said in a press briefing that the US senators’ visit seriously violated the ‘one-China’ principle and three Sino-US joint statements, which the US had once said it would abide by.

Wang urged the US to immediately stop any official exchanges with Tai and to act carefully on the Taiwan issue.

To avoid serious damage to Sino-US relations and peace and stability, the US must refrain from sending any false signals.

China claimed, US Senators Tammy Duckworth, Dan Sullivan and Christopher Koons have visited Taiwan.

Senator Duckworth said during his visit that the US would donate 750,000 doses to Taiwan as part of the country’s plan to share the covid vaccine globally.


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