Twitter account Hacked of many royal personalities including Obama, Bill Gates

Washington: Hackers have hacked the Twitter account of the world’s top leaders, celebrities and companies.

The hackers whose Twitter account was hacked on Wednesday include Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, US rapper Kanye West, former US Vice President Joe Biden, former US President Barack Obama.

Apart from this, the Twitter accounts of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Warren Buffett, Apple, Uber and others have been hacked. According to officials, this appears to be a bitcoin scam.

A strange tweet from the Tesla company’s CEO Twitter account at around 4:17 pm said, “I feel generous due to Kovid-19.” I will double any BTC payment sent to my BTC account within the next hour. Good luck and stay safe there! ”

The tweet also contained a bitcoin address, possibly linked to the hacker’s crypto wallet. In such a situation, it is considered as a hackers’ act or hacking bitcoin scam. The hack has asked for donations in bitcoin in posts made on almost all accounts.

The tweet from Bill Gates’s account said, “Everyone has been asking me to return to society and now that the time has come. You send me one thousand dollars, I will send you two thousand dollars back. ”

The tweets from these accounts were deleted in a few minutes. All tweets on Twitter will not be able to tweet any type of account and passwords will not be reset.

Twitter said that the matter is being investigated and information related to it will be given soon.