Thousands of Serbians stage protest, demand better security

Thousands of people in Serbia protested in the capital Belgrade on Monday, demanding better security, ban on violent TV content and the resignation of key ministers.

The protest comes days after two mass shootings killed 17 people in the country. Protesters and Opposition supporters demanded a shutdown of TV stations and tabloids that they accuse of promoting violent and vulgar content.

Opposition parties and some rights groups accuse President Aleksandar Vucic and his ruling populist Serbian Progressive Party of autocracy, oppressing media freedoms, violence against political opponents, corruption and ties with organized crime.

However, President Vucic, denied the accusations. He accused the opposition of capitalizing on a national tragedy to promote their own interests. The President said he will never back down before the street and the mob. Parliamentary elections in Serbia are due in 2026 and a presidential contest in 2027.
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