Protest against Corona lockdown in China, demanding Xi Jinping’s resign

Beijing: People have started unprecedented demonstrations in various cities of the country, including the capital Beijing, against the strict policy adopted by the country’s communist government for the prevention of corona infection in China. The public is demanding the lifting of the lockdown and movement restrictions, as well as the opposition to the rule of the Communist Party of China, and people are also demanding the resignation of President Xi Jinping.

The ongoing demonstrations in China started in Beijing and quickly spread to the cities of Lanzhou, Xi’an, Chongqing, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Korla, Hotan, Lhasa, Urumqi, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shijiazhuang. For the last three days, there are reports of clashes between the police and the protesters at some places during these demonstrations. The police have also detained some protesters.

Ed Lawrence, a BBC reporter, was arrested by the police during a demonstration in Shanghai. He was thrashed before he was released.

According to the BBC report, the protesters are angry with Xi Jinping and are demanding his resignation. In the ongoing protest in Shanghai, people asked to leave the throne, Communist Party should leave the throne, remove the ban from China, do not want PCR test, give freedom to journalists. Meanwhile, a heavy police presence was seen in Shanghai preventing people from demonstrating.

According to media reports, corona infection is continuously gaining momentum in China, in which 40,000 cases were registered on Sunday. Meanwhile, which is the biggest figure so far and the figure of active cases in the country has crossed the figure of three lakhs. In this exercise, the government has imposed various restrictions.

In view of the corona infection, a strict lockdown has been imposed, in which 66 lakh people are imprisoned in their homes. Those who are not allowed to go out even to buy daily necessities. The public is also troubled by the daily corona investigation. Strict action is being taken against those who do not follow the rules.

According to the report, zero covid policy has been implemented in China for the last 10 months, regarding which many restrictions have been imposed. On November 25, a building caught fire in Xinjiang, China. In which timely relief could not reach due to the lockdown and 10 people died in the accident. After this incident, the anger of the people flared up further. He accused the officers of negligence. After this people took to the streets and started protesting.

According to the report, people have been relaxed in the new rules and care has been taken to reduce its loss on the economic front. Due to increasing cases of Corona, the local authorities are not ready to give concession in strict rules and they are implementing zero covid policy.

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