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Pace of deaths from Coronavirus intensified, about 3 million died worldwide

Washington: Worldwide Coronavirus The pace of deaths is increasing rapidly. The number of people infected by the epidemic has increased to 29 lakh (3 million about), 65 thousand 363. At the same time, 2 lakh, 6 thousand, 255 people have lost their lives so far. Although the number of deaths in Italy and Spain has declined while in Britain the death toll has crossed 20 thousand.

Where 369 people have died in the last 24 hours in France. At the same time, things are getting worse in America. The death toll in the US has crossed 52 thousand with more than 925,000 people infected.

The coronavirus is the country most affected by the global epidemic in the world. The continuation of deaths here from Coronavirus is not taking its name. In the last 24 hours, 2,494 people died of Corona virus in the country.

According to the data given by Johns Hopkins University of America at 8.30 pm on Saturday night, the number of people who have died from this infectious disease so far in the country has reached 53,511 and the number of infected reached 9,36,293.

The number of both infections and deaths is highest here compared to other countries. The virus killed the least 1,258 people in nearly three weeks in the country, a day before the death toll reached 2,494 in 24 hours.

In New York City alone, there have been more than 11,544 deaths and more than 3 million people infected. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Saturday that the state would first conduct a diagnostic corona infection test for health workers and essential employees. Its goal is to check 40,000 people daily.

He said that such viruses cannot be eradicated without regular sanitization. The virus can also spread to people who do not show any symptoms.

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