North Korea attempt to launch first military spy satellite ends in failure after rocket’s second stage malfunctioned

North Korea’s attempt to launch its first military spy satellite ended in failure after the rocket’s second stage malfunctioned yesterday. North Korea said that an accident occurred as it planned to send up its first space satellite, causing it to crash into the sea.

According to North Korean state media, the new satellite transport rocket Chollima-1 launch failed as it lost propulsion due to an abnormal startup of the engine on the second stage after the first stage was separated while flying normally. Authorities will analyze the cause of the accident and launch another rocket soon.

Earlier, North Korea had announced its plans to launch a satellite by 11 June to monitor US military activities. Meanwhile, the launch prompted emergency alerts and brief evacuation warnings in parts of South Korea and Japan.

The notices were withdrawn with no danger or damage reported. Both the countries have sparked concerns and urged North Korea to abandon the plan, emphasizing that it would be considered a breach as it violates UN resolutions.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has said that North Korea appeared to have fired a ballistic missile and the government was analyzing the details. He added that there were currently no reports of damage following the launch.

South Korea’s military said the projectile might have broken up in mid-air or crashed after it vanished from radar and analysis was being conducted as per reports.

This was North Korea’s sixth satellite launch attempt, and the first since 2016. It was supposed to put the nuclear-armed state’s first spy satellite in orbit.
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