New announcement of Trump regarding Biden President oath ceremony

Washington: Known for his bizarre and unusual way of working and proclamations, Donald Trump announced this time that he would not attend the presidential swearing-in ceremony of Joe Biden.

Through Twitter, he has announced that he will not participate in the event going to be held on January 20.

Meanwhile, after the violence in Capitol Hill, one can see a lot of resentment in American about Donald Trump.

Two US big Democrats and a Republican congressman have called on Vice President Mike Pence to take action to remove President Donald Trump.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Party leader Chuck Schumer said on Thursday that they could pose a threat to the country in the remaining 13 days to continue in office.

Along with this, he said that the cabinet should be called out in the Constitution, disqualifying him from acting as President.

Adam Kinzinger, a Republican member of the House of Representatives, also called for Trump to be removed from office.

Pelosi said, “If the Vice President and the Cabinet do not take action, the Congress will prepare to proceed with impeachment.”

A joint session of parliament was called on Wednesday to seal the victory of Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden in the last three presidential elections.

Meanwhile, thousands of Trump supporters stormed Parliament and broke into the security system and entered hundreds of premises.

Frantically vandalized the premises and opened fire. This unprecedented violence caused a stampede in the Parliament complex and the MPs hid here and there to save their lives.

The clash with the police killed five people and injured several others including 14 police officers.

The police have arrested 52 people. The Parliament complex was occupied by Trump supporters for nearly four hours.

Let me tell you, a police officer injured in the violence at the Capitol Building (US Parliament House) on Wednesday in the demonstration of Trump supporters has died. Now the death toll in the violence has increased to five.

US Capital Police Officer Brian D. Siknik was injured in a clash with protesters on Wednesday. Siknik then returned to his office where he fainted. After which he was rushed to the local hospital where he succumbed.

At least 50 police officers were injured, with 15 of them seriously injured due to violent attacks by Trump supporters in the Capitol.

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