Kim Jong Un death news is really true? Does he dead or alive

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un death news is being received through many multinational online news channels. After which the discussion about this in the whole world has intensified. However, Kim Jong Un death news has not been officially revealed nor confirmed yet.


A US-based project which screens the rogue state has launched satellite images of the locomotive parked within the North Korean resort city of Wonsan. 38 North mentioned the prepare was parked on the “leadership station” in Wonsan between April 21 and April 23. The station is reserved solely for the usage of the Kim household, it added.


“The train’s presence does not prove the whereabouts of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un or indicate anything about his death or alive but it does lend weight to reports Kim is staying at an elite area on the country’s eastern coast,” the report concluded.

Beforehand it was believed that Kim Jong Un traveled to the unique seaside resort after folks round him examined constructive for the coronavirus. Kim reportedly left the capital Pyongyang on his non-public prepare and headed to his luxurious vacation compound.


Kim, 36, opted to move to the Wonsan-Kalma peninsula, on the east coast of the nation, after members of his internal circle fell ailing, Korean outlet Ichannela reported. Japanese newspaper “The Sansei” recommended that Kim had fled Pyongyang due to coronavirus spreading within the densely populated capital metropolis.


Nevertheless, different rumours are circulating within the area that the obese tyrant “collapsed and died” whereas on a go to the countryside. The US are intently monitoring the scenario as China dispatched a medical staff in an try to search out out the reality from the extremely secretive nation.

36-year-old Kim, not seen publicly for 2 weeks. Chinese language journalist Shijian Xingzou mentioned a “very strong” informed the North Korean chief Kim Jong Un had died. She has 15 million followers on Chinese language social media website Weibo, and he or she can be the niece of one of many the nation’s overseas ministers.

What says 38 North about Kim Jong Un Death?

“Kim Jong Un’s last reported public appearance was an inspection of an air force group at an unnamed airfield in the west of North Korea. Photographs and satellite imagery indicate it was at the Sunchon Airport, about 50 km northeast of Pyongyang. Reports since then have quoted various sources claiming he has been spotted walking around the Wonsan area to recovering at a compound in the north west of the country at Hyangsan in varying degrees of health.”



North Korea Times ‘’ Reports about Kim Jong Un Death

The North Korea based online website “” also reporting by the source of 38 North. This news website says,

“The website 38 North, which specializes in North Korea studies, released the images Saturday, saying that on April 21 and 23, the train was parked at a station in Wonsan reserved for Kim’s family.”

“The website, however, said the train’s presence “does not prove the whereabouts of the North Korean leader or indicate anything about his health.”


After North Korean leader Kim Jong Un death news circulated on online the social media also trending with hash tag #KimJongUn and #KIMJONGUNDEAD by twitter specially.

Looking for the proof of Kim Jong Un death news is still awaited. No one is making confirm that Kim dead or alive. Our monitoring and investigation about North Korean chief dead is still going on.

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