Civil war broke out in Afghanistan after US army withdrew, women hold up arms too

Civil war broke out in Afghanistan after US army withdrew

Kabul: Afghanistan has come to the brink of civil war amid the rapid occupation of many districts by the Taliban.

The situation in country has worsened amid the withdrawal of American and NATO troops and is likely to worsen further.

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On the one hand the Taliban has waged a violent fight to capture the entire country and on the other hand the common people especially women have also taken up arms against the Taliban.

The pictures coming out of Afghanistan are very dangerous and create concern about the future of Afghanistan. In the last two days, the Taliban has established control over 20 districts.

In the parts of Afghanistan where the Taliban’s power is increasing, in those areas, the common people have taken up arms against the Taliban. The most recent picture is of the ghastly women of Afghanistan.

According to Tolo News, hundreds of women have taken up arms against the Taliban in support of the democratic government of Afghanistan and to support the security forces.

In the pictures that are coming out from Afghanistan, there are weapons in the hands of ghastly women. It is difficult to decide at the moment how much women will be able to face the Taliban, but it is certain that the situation in Afghanistan is going to get worse in the coming times.

One woman said that “they are standing with their soldier brothers and supporting the order and sovereignty of the country.” The number of people who took up arms against the Taliban is still unclear.

The Defence and Interior Ministries said these forces would eventually be combined with the local police, NDS local forces and local army forces.

Afghanistan’s acting minister of internal affairs, General Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal, said that “a situation that will lead to a bad outcome later on will not be allowed.” They will support us first and then they will be inducted into police, army or permanent NDS forces.”

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