British minister Matt Hancock have to resign after kissing female aide Gina Coldangalo

London: Britain’s cabinet minister Matt Hancock on Saturday resigned from the health ministry over the kissing of his colleague Gina Coldangalo.

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He had broken the Covid-19 rules by kissing one of his close associates, after which he was under pressure to resign.

Hancock even admitted to kissing. In a letter to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Hancock said that the government is indebted to those who have lost a lot in this pandemic.

Along with this, the minister again apologized for violating the government rules of following social distance while being out of the house.

In a video shared on Twitter, Matt Hancock said, “I went to submit my resignation from the post of health minister to the prime minister.”

He said, “I can understand that everyone in this country has lost a lot and the rules that people like us make should be followed that’s why I resigned.”

Earlier, the 42-year-old Conservative leader was seen kissing MP Gina Coldangalo in his office in a CCTV camera image. Coladanglo is a long-time friend and colleague of Hancock.

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