US stunned by continuous earthquake tremors

Los Angeles: Several aftershocks were felt in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska on Tuesday. The strongest earthquake in this had a magnitude of 6.8, as well as the aftershocks of the earthquake were also felt.

The epicenter of many of these earthquakes was under the sea in the North Pacific, with tremors felt in a sparsely populated area of ​​Alaska, officials said.

However, there is no report of any damage due to this. Natalia Rupert, a seismologist at the Alaska Earthquake Center, said that it is quite unusual to have such strong earthquakes continuously.

The worst earthquake was felt late in the night at around 2.36 pm, with a magnitude of 6.8 and a few minutes later, the aftershocks of the earthquake were also felt.

It had its center about 40 miles (64 km) southeast of Nikolsky. Community of 39 residents living on Unmak Island, Alaska.

About an hour later, another 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck the same region, followed by more than 10 post-quake tremors by morning. Most of these had a magnitude of 4.0 or more.

Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management spokesman Jeremy Zideck said no community had reported any damage. No major damage or tsunami is expected from the aftershocks of the earthquake.

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