Uttarakhand Weather on Diwali 2022, Know will it rain or sunny day?

How will the weather be in Uttarakhand, will it rain or sunny day on the occasion of Diwali 2022? A big update has come out on this. Uttarakhand weather is changing rapidly in October.

Where it rained initially, in the third week the difference between maximum and minimum temperatures has doubled. Amidst the ups and downs of the weather, the good thing is that the day of Diwali will be sunny with clear weather. There is little chance of rain.

Due to the cyclone in the Bay of Bengal, it rained till 10 October. Due to which the farmers had to suffer a lot. Dr. RK Singh, Meteorologist of Pant University said that there is a big difference between the maximum and minimum temperatures. The weather will be clear, it will be mild cold.

10 degree difference between day and night temperature in Nainital

After the end of the rainy season, the winter season has started in the surrounding areas including the tourist city of Nainital.

After sunset in the evening, cold winds have started blowing in Nainital. Due to which the temperature is falling rapidly. The difference between day and night temperatures is about 10 degree Celsius.

The minimum temperature in Nainital reached 10 degree Celsius on Thursday night. The weather remains pleasant due to bright sunshine in the afternoon.

Due to which the maximum temperature reaches 21 degree Celsius in the afternoon. But despite this, there is a problem of wearing a jacket even in the afternoon.

Dr. Vikram Singh, director of the State Meteorological Center said that with the onset of October, winter starts in the mountains.

Clear view of Himalayas

From mid-October to mid-November there is no haze in the sky. Due to which these days clear views of Himalayas are being received from Nainital, Ramgarh and Mukteshwar.

Amidst the bright sunshine in the afternoon, many peaks of the Himalayas are clearly visible from the Himalaya Darshan of Nainital.

Due to which the number of tourists has also increased significantly in the Himalayan Darshan area. There is also a long weekend between Diwali.

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