Summer 2023: Be ready for scorching heat, rapid rise temperature after after15 Feb

Summer 2023: Be ready for scorching heat, rapid rise temperature after after15 Feb

Weather is currently clear in Uttarakhand. It was sunny in all the districts of the state on Tuesday. Although mild coolness still persists in the morning and night. But now the winter season is about to end. Now be ready to bear the scorching heat, according to the weather experts, this time the summer will break many previous records.

According to Vikram Singh, director of the Meteorological Center, after February 15, due to the knock of southwest winds, the temperature will rise rapidly and the summer season will begin.

Dr. RK Singh, meteorologist of GB Pant Agricultural University told that the climate is changing rapidly. That’s why it is getting very cold. Even in the field, the mercury reaches one to two degrees. When it rains, it rains for a fortnight in two to three days. Similarly, this year the summer will also be severe. Also, there is no possibility of rain in the next one month.

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Cold winds coming from Rajasthan and Himalayas
These days cold winds are blowing in Haldwani even during the day. With the onset of evening, the mercury is falling rapidly. According to the Meteorological Department, at this time winds are coming from Rajasthan and Himalayas in the plains of North India. These winds are very cold, so the temperature is falling rapidly during the night. It is estimated that this type of weather will continue for the next two days. Although the sun will be clear during the day.

Least snowfall in Kedarnath this winter
Kedarnath has received the least snowfall this winter. This time, only about four feet of snow has accumulated in Dham, while last year there was about six feet of snow during this period. The snow that has accumulated in Kedarnath will melt within a week in the strong sunlight. In such a situation, from the coming March, the hills all around will start heating up due to which the glacier ice will melt rapidly. In such a situation, there can be a danger due to the increase in the water level of the rivers.

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