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Gujarat Lady Singham Sunita Yadav is in danger of life, share on facebook live


Surat: Lady Constable Sunita Yadav of Gujarat came into the limelight when she tried to persuade Gujarat minister Kumar Kanani’s son during the lockdown to strictly abide by the law for violating the rules.

Lady Singham Sunita Yadav was doing her duty honestly, but how could this be digested by the Minister and his son. Because all the rules and regulations are for the general public and not for the minister and his family members.

That night Sunita tried to suppress a lot by showing bullying of power, but Lady Singham did not bother with her duty at all. Of course, only an honest policeman can show such courage, whether he is an IPS or a constable.

this incident After Surat Police Commissioner RB Brahmabhata ordered an inquiry into the matter on Saturday. Sunita has also resigned from her duty. The police department may not be able to muster the courage to confront the minister and the officials directly. That is why Sunita has to resort to social media for public support.

In the same way, there are many more.

On Friday evening, Sunita Yadav told for Facebook Live how she and her family are being harassed. Sunita said that every action of her is being monitored. Sunita’s family has also worried about her. They fear that an unpleasant incident may happen when Sunita steps out of her house. Because of this, he has been imprisoned at home for two days.

Sunita said that, she has no enmity with anyone, she was just performing her duty. He says that some people are roaming freely by mistake and they are imprisoned at home by performing their duty honestly. Sunita said that they are not getting any special support from Surat Police.