Uttarakhand Weather: White sheet of frost spread in Mussoorie’s Company Garden, chances of snowfall after Christmas

Coldness is continuously increasing in the weather of Uttarakhand. There is chill from the mountain to the plain. Somewhere fog and somewhere frost is increasing the problem. Even on Tuesday morning, the weather pattern appeared spoiled.

In the morning, a sheet of fog appeared in many places. Due to which chill was felt. In such a situation, people came out of their homes wearing warmer clothes than before. On the other hand, the ground has turned white due to frost in Mussoorie’s Company Garden.

At the same time, the wait for snowfall is also about to end. The Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of rain and snowfall after December 27 in the high Himalayan areas including Mussoorie, Heidhanaulti, Auli, Harshil.

Even though there has been no rain and snowfall in the state for many days, the temperature is falling rapidly. Due to the bitter cold in the hilly areas, the frost is increasing the trouble, while the fog is creating trouble in the field.

Due to the severe cold these days in Niti Valley, all the rivers and streams flowing here have frozen completely. The night temperature in the valley is reaching minus 15 degrees.

Snowfall in the higher Himalayan regions has increased the challenges of the security agencies. Here the temperature has reached below zero degree. Even in these circumstances, Himveer is engaged on the China border. They are quenching their thirst by melting snow.

Vikram Singh, director of the Meteorological Center, says that the Western Disturbance has not yet become active in the state. This is the reason that the weather that prevails in December every year is not visible this time. But the weather is likely to change soon.

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