Uttarakhand Weather: Cold increased from mountain to plain

Uttarakhand weather has increased cold in Uttarakhand. The temperature is falling day by day across the state. Frost has started falling after six in the evening. On Tuesday morning, the day started with fog in many areas. From Garhwal to Kumaon, there was light fog in the morning. At the same time, the sun blossomed in many places as the day progressed, but the weather remained cool.

At the same time, the fluctuation of temperature is making people ill. Bright sunshine is blooming in the day, while it is shivering cold in the morning and evening. The number of cold-cold, cough-fever victims has started increasing due to sudden onset of cold in the evening after sunshine during the day.

Rishikesh people are chilling due to lack of bonfire

Passers-by and the needy roaming the streets of the city are chilling with the cold, but the municipal administration is oblivious to the cold weather. The corporation administration has not even been able to tender to buy wood for the bonfire. In the winter days, bonfires are lit at the square intersections selected by the Municipal Corporation. Every year in the first week of December preparations are made to buy bonfire.

Bonfire has not yet been started by the municipality administration Munikireti Dhalwala. Here needy people live around Ramjhula and Purnanand parking. They are forced to chill in the cold as the bonfire is not lit at night. On the other hand, bonfires are not being lit in congested areas on behalf of Nagar Panchayat Swargashram Jaunk.

A meeting has been held to light bonfires at different places in the city. Tender process is being completed. Soon after the tender, bonfires will start burning in different areas of the city.

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