Uttarakhand Vidhansabha expelled workers will not be reinstated: Ritu Khanduri

The reinstatement of the removed employees of the assembly has not been done even after the order of the Nainital High Court. Assembly Speaker Ritu Khanduri said that legal opinion is being taken regarding these employees and only after that a decision will be taken regarding them. Assembly Speaker Ritu Khanduri had removed 250 employees while canceling the recruitments made in the assembly after 2016.

When the employees went to court against this decision, the Nainital High Court on October 15 gave a stay on the Speaker’s decision. When the employees came back for joining, the Assembly Secretariat gave receiving to the employees but asked them not to come to the office till further instructions.

The order of the High Court is about to come for a month but till now no information has been given to the employees by the Vidhansabha. Nor have these employees been paid the salary for October. In such a situation, the employees have become upset. He called it a violation of the orders of the court.

Here Vis President Ritu Khanduri said that the employees after 2016 have not yet been reinstated. He said that the Justice Department and lawyers are being consulted regarding these employees. Only then will further action be taken.

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