Uttarakhand traffic police drone monitoring for traffic rules

Dehradun: Uttarakhand traffic police has now decided to use drones to monitor the intersections of the cities. Traffic police also challan penalty for violators of the traffic rules with help of drones.

In the last one week, the traffic police has taken challan action against more than 70 such persons with the help of drones. Most of the challans are done for overspeed, no parking, red light jump. At present, the help of two drones is being taken in this work. These smart category drones are capable of monitoring within a radius of five kilometers from any place.

Drone action against violators of traffic rules
In spite of several efforts including awareness campaign by the traffic police in the city, the violation of traffic rules is not being stopped. In this series, action has now been started against those who violate the traffic rules with the help of drones.

For this, the traffic police has constituted a cell, which is being headed by the Superintendent of Police Akshay Konde himself. A separate office has been made for this cell in the office of the Senior Superintendent of Police.

There are more than 12 policemen in this cell to monitor the traffic system of the city through drones. These policemen continuously analyze the videos and photos available from the drones. With the help of this, those who violate the traffic rules are marked. After this, the information about the challan is sent to the home by gathering information about its owner from the number of the vehicle.

Superintendent of Police Traffic said that at present the traffic system is being monitored through drones in major and busy parts of the city. These include via Chakrata Road from Ghantaghar to Kishannagar and the stretch from Rispana Bridge to Kargi Chowk on Haridwar Bypass Road.

Apart from this, the traffic system is being monitored through traffic police drones around Dilaram Chowk, Prince Chowk, Saharanpur Chowk and Lal Pul. Soon the traffic system will be monitored through drones in the entire city. For this, along with buying drones, the staff in the cell will also be increased.

According to Superintendent of Police Traffic, drones are being used for all kinds of surveillance related to traffic and policing. During the action with the drone, the policemen posted at the intersections are also being monitored. This is the reason that now the traffic policemen are more vigilant than before.

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