Uttarakhand Tourism: 50% Nainital hotels advance booked on Christmas & New Year 2023

Uttarakhand Tourism: 50% Nainital hotels advance booked on Christmas & New Year 2023

Uttarakhand Tourism: The tourism business of the city has started getting colored by the celebration of Christmas and New Year 2023.

Here on Sunday, Nainital was buzzing with tourists on the weekend. Business is expected to be bumper this year due to Christmas and New Year weekend. Special arrangements have been made to welcome business tourists.

Advance booking up to 50 percent in most hotels

  • Up to 50 percent advance booking has been done in most of the hotels in the city for the new year.
  • After four years, this time tourists will be able to enjoy decorations and music in Malrod.
  • The influx of tourists had started in the city from Friday evening itself.
  • A large number of tourists reached the city on Sunday.
  • All the tourist places including the city’s zoo, botanical garden, waterfall, cave garden were crowded with tourists.
  • Due to the clear weather, the tourists who reached Himalaya Darshan saw the shining Himalayas.
  • At the same time, tourists enjoyed horse riding in Barapathar. Naini Lake was also crowded with boating tourists.
  • Tourists shopped at Bada Bazaar, Pant Park, Tibetan Bazaar.
  • Traders believe that till the new year, the tourism business will remain booming on weekends.

City stuck in jam
Flats and other small parking lots including Metropole got full since morning on weekends. Due to which many tourists kept roaming in search of vehicle parking.

Due to increase in the pressure of vehicles, there was a jam on Mal Road, High Court Road, Barapathar Road. Police was absent to clear the jam. Due to which the city remained stuck in jam all day long.

50 percent advance booking done
For Christmas and New Year, 40 to 50 percent advance booking has been done in most of the hotels in the city. Due to which there is a lot of enthusiasm among the tourism businessmen.

Hotel and Restaurant Association President Digvijay Bisht told that this year the weekend is falling on Christmas and New Year. Due to which the business will be bumper. By December 20, most of the hotels will be full with advance booking.

Administration should cooperate, will hold a meeting soon
The tourism businessmen are keeping hopes from the district and police administration for easy entry of tourists into the city during Christmas and New Year.

Hotel Association President Digvijay Bisht said that like in previous years, tourists should not be sent back by stopping them at unnecessary entry points. Along with this, he will soon hold a meeting with the administration and police officers regarding expansion of facilities for the tourists.

Malrod will be decorated after four years, music will play
Digvijay Bisht told that due to lack of administrative cooperation, the tradition of decoration and playing music of Malrod was broken four years ago.

Told that this year Mall Road will be decorated again with electric garlands. For this talks have been held with other businessmen. This time music will also be played by installing speakers in Malrod.

Tourists upset due to jam in Kausani
At the same time, tourists have started arriving in the month of December to enjoy the lukewarm sun. The situation of jam is being created on the narrow roads. There is anger among the local people due to the lack of parking. He has accused the district administration of neglecting Mini Switzerland.

When Sunday is a holiday, the hustle and bustle increases in Kausani. Anyway it is the last month of the year. From December till the new year, there is movement of tourists here. There is a long jam in the main market in the morning and evening. There is a police post about 25 meters away from the intersection. There is also no parking facility.

Where tourism is getting disturbed due to jam. At the same time, the passengers and passengers of long routes are also worried. Local resident Puran Dosad said that the district administration talks about increasing tourism. The series of meetings goes on. But the plan could not materialize. Domestic and foreign tourists are facing the most trouble.

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