Uttarakhand Roadways full of passengers stuck in overflowing drain

Haldwani: Due to incessant rains in Uttarakhand, life has become completely disturbed. Despite the departure of monsoon, heavy rains are not taking the name of stopping and are causing havoc in Uttarakhand.

Rivers and drains have come in spate due to heavy rains. Meanwhile, a picture has surfaced from Haldwani. Here a roadways bus got stuck in the booming drain located near Chorgalia on the Gaulapar-Sitarganj road.

There was an outcry on the spot as the bus full of passengers got stuck. The fierce form of the Gaula river, Sher Nala and Nandhaur river of Haldwani is also being seen.

Haldwani Sitarganj road has been closed in Chorgaliya due to heavy water coming into the drain on the road connecting Haldwani Sitarganj road. At the same time, due to the closure of the bus, there was a huge outcry among the passengers sitting inside the bus.

The bus driver showed understanding here. He also tried hard to take the bus back, but the bus driver could not succeed.

Driver, with the help of the passengers, took the bus back from the drain towards Sitarganj, then everyone got breathless and a big accident kept happening. After the accident, the police are continuously refusing to let people die near the river drains.

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