Uttarakhand Pollution Control Board case hearing, 1724 factories fate decide today

There will be a hearing in the High Court today in the case of factories not registered with the Pollution Control Board (PCB). Member Secretary of Pollution Control Board Sushant Patnaik said that whatever order of the High Court will be implemented in this matter. The board had canceled the NOCs of 1724 non-registration factories.

The sword of action is hanging on about 195 such factories in Kashipur. These factories have not yet been able to register in PCB. Only 75 factories have been registered.

Recently, the Uttarakhand Pollution Control Board (UPCB) had canceled the NOCs of the factories running without registration as per the orders of the High Court.

In the initial phase, the names of 292 such factories came to the fore. Later investigation revealed that there are about 270 factories which are using plastic in packaging. It is mandatory for them to be registered in PCB.

More than 100 industries were given notices to stop production. Meanwhile, while hearing the petition of KGCCI, the High Court had given relief to the entrepreneurs till December 20.

The court said that the entrepreneurs should get their factories registered by the 20th. Now this time is over, but still about 195 factories have not been registered.

Keeping an eye on the High Court’s decision
Factories that have not applied are engaged in collecting necessary documents. Due to time taken, she has not been able to apply for registration.

On December 20, all the parties including the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), UPCB and KGCCI have to present their case before the court.

The eyes of the entrepreneurs who did not register are now fixed on the decision of the High Court. This process remained a topic of discussion in the industry on Monday.

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