Uttarakhand News : Torrential rains in Kumaon, 3 people including home guards and tourists died

Tourists and laborers in Pithoragarh district lost their lives due to being hit by a boulder in the hot water

Nainital: The torrential rains in Kumaon for several days have disrupted normal life. Due to this, there was a scene of devastation throughout the day on Saturday. Landslides and debris at many places on the mountains damaged houses in many places and roads were submerged in some places.

At the same time, tourists and laborers in Pithoragarh district lost their lives due to being hit by a boulder in the hot water. In Haldwani, the home guard also died due to drowning in the donkey.

In fact, on the Bhowali-Almora National Highway near Padli at 12:30 pm on Saturday, the boulder fell from the hill on top of the tourists’ car.

Due to this the car overturned on the road and Jitin Diwakar (35) son Ramcharan resident of Linepar Near Bholanath Traders Moradabad died.

Praveen Chaudhary (29), Akshay Raj (31) resident of Sector 10, Phase 2, Majhola Buddhi Vihar Moradabad and Abhay Chaudhary (20) resident of Sherwa Dharampur Agwanpur Moradabad were injured.

All three were taken to CHC Khairna where the doctor discharged after first aid. It is being told that Jitin used to run a medical store in Moradabad and he along with his companions came to visit Kainchi Dham.

On the other hand, home guard Mahesh Chandra Paladiya (36), a resident of Bhorsa, son Umapati Paladiya, while returning home from duty on Friday evening, lost his life due to flowing into Jamrani Gadhre near Bhorsa.

His body was found lying in the donkey on Saturday morning. Laborer Dinesh Chandra Pathak died after being hit by a stone falling from a hill on the Namik-Hokra road under construction in Pithoragarh.

Dinesh, a resident of Meral Sangod Pankhu of Bedinag tehsil, fell into a 100 meter ditch after being hit by a stone. SDRF and Nachni police with the help of local people carried out a rescue operation and pulled them out of the ditch but by then they had died.

At the same time, due to rain, the NH remained closed for one and a half hours due to debris coming towards Pithoragarh in Almora-Pithoragarh National Highway. A 30 meter stretch of road near Swanla on Tanakpur Champawat National Highway was completely washed away.

Due to this, 13 roadways buses of Lohaghat depot were stuck in Tanakpur. A huge amount of debris fell from the hill near Kabhad Bhyol on the Bageshwar-Kapakot motor road and the traffic came to a standstill for several hours. One residential house each in Almora and Bageshwar has collapsed.

In the Nainital-Haldwani road, road subsidence has started happening at many places in Takula area. After the rain, cracks have started appearing in many places in the Nainital-Bhowali road.

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