Uttarakhand: Crisis on 50 thousand people living on railway land, Harish Rawat wrote letter to CM

Former CM Harish Rawat wrote an open letter on social media to CM Pushkar Singh Dhami regarding the removal of people settled on railway land at Dholak Basti, Banbhulpura etc. places in Haldwani. Said, the legal side is right in its place, but looking at the human side, a middle way should be found.

It is said that the decision of the Railways, Administration and Municipality to evict the people who have been settled for years is not only a legal aspect, it is also a human aspect. Haldwani is the main center of economic activities of Kumaon and the state. The social harmony here has always been of a high standard.

If more than 50 thousand people are evicted, then where will these people go? An atmosphere of unrest will spread in the whole of Haldwani and in the region of Kumaon. Addressing the CM, said that in the bitter cold, you are going to take away the roofs of 50 thousand people only by looking at the legal side or on the basis of wrong interpretation of the law.

Said that some people may be silent today, but when the situation worsens, they will also point fingers at the conscience of the government. Harish said that he does not want to comment on the judicial decision, but as the Chief Minister of the state you (Dhami) can perform the duty of a guardian. He has advised the CM to hold talks with the Railways, develop the riverfront along the Gola river and take out some additional land to meet the needs of the Railways.

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