Sports Minister Rekha Arya played badminton and boosted morale of players

Dehradun: Sports Minister Rekha Arya reached the closing ceremony of ’20th Uttarakhand State Senior Badminton Competition’ organized by Uttaranchal State Badminton Association at Multipurpose Sports Building, Parade Ground, Dehradun today. This competition started from 17th August, which was concluded today by Sports Minister Rekha Arya.

On this occasion, Sports Minister Rekha Arya boosted the morale of the badminton players as well as wished all the players present for their future. He said that today our children are doing commendable performance in various disciplines of sports. The players of the state are illuminating the name of the state and the country on the world stage today.

Sports Minister said that earlier people used to say that “Kheloge koodoge banege badi” and “Padhoge likhoge banege nawab” but now this perception has changed, now there is a saying “Kheloge koodoge banege nawab” and “Padhoge likhoge to be banege nawab”.

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