Saurabh Bahuguna: Cabinet minister’s murder contract deal done for 20 lakhs

Udhamsingh Nagar: Many revelations are being made in conspiracy to murder Uttarakhand cabinet minister Saurabh Bahuguna. Murder plan of cabinet minister was already done.

Hira Singh, resident of Sitarganj, along with his companion planned to assassinate cabinet minister Saurabh in Haldwani jail itself.

When police investigated the matter, many important clues were found. So far, police have arrested 4 accused including mastermind Heera Singh in this case.

Along with Heera, Satnam, Harbhajan Singh and Mohd Aziz accused arrested. Main accused Hira Singh had given betel nut of 20 lakhs for murder of cabinet minister. Out of this, 5 lakh 70 thousand rupees were also given in advance.

Police have recovered Rs 2 lakh 70 thousand and Swift car from accused. Mastermind Hira Singh was earlier sent to Haldwani jail on charges of grabbing government land in Sidkul area.

He suspected that Saurabh was behind sending him to jail. After this fire of revenge flared up in his mind. He conspired in jail with Satnam Singh to kill Saurabh.

As soon as Heera was released on bail, Harbhajan Singh, who knew Satnam, sent him to meet Aziz. Harbhajan and Aziz was given murder contract of 20 lakhs by Hira.

It has been told that an amount of 5 lakh 70 thousand was given in advance. Heera had earlier also conducted recce of minister Saurabh Bahuguna’s residence.

Cabinet Minister himself told that Hira Singh had reached his residence. Meanwhile, some close relatives of Saurabh got suspicious activities. When it was investigated, there was conspiracy to kill minister.

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