Uttarakhand: Leopard kills 13-year-old boy in Tehri, body recovered from forest

Leopard Attack in Uttarakhand: A 13-year-old boy was made a morsel by Leopard on Sunday night under Bal Ganga area of ​​Bhilangana block. Dead body of the teenager was recovered from the forest late at 2 o’clock in the night.

According to the information, 13-year-old Arnav Chand’s son Ranveer Chand, a resident of Maykot village, who was returning home after playing seven games with friends in Maykot village, was taken away by Leopard.

When Arnav did not reach home at night, he was searched. Due to darkness, after a joint search operation of the Forest Department and the Revenue Department, the body of the deceased child was recovered from the bushes in the forest, one kilometer away from the house at 2 o’clock in the night. Since the incident, there is a lot of resentment among the villagers towards the forest department. The villagers have demanded to kill Leopard.

On the other hand, there is fear of Leopard these days in Haldapani, La College, Naigwad, Ghigharan Road and PG College areas of Gopeshwar Nagar in Chamoli district. On Sunday, the Forest Department team carried out long distance patrolling in the affected areas.

Leopard reached the populated area near La College located at Gopeshwar headquarters at six o’clock on Sunday morning. Local resident Laxman Singh Bartwal raised an alarm after seeing Leopard.

Hearing the noise, the citizens of the neighborhood also came out of the houses and after seeing Leopard started making noise, after which Guldar ran away from there. The forest department team led by Ranger Balwant Singh Negi patrolled the affected area, but the leopard was nowhere to be seen.

Ranger Balveer Singh Negi said that if needed, cameras would be installed in the affected areas to catch Leopard. Prithvi Singh Negi, Narendra Rawat, Anita, Jayprakash Kimothi and Dhirendra were included in the Forest Department team.

Principal of Law College, Rajesh Kumar told that there are residential buildings near the college. Here in the morning there is movement of tuition children along with the students. Said that the Forest Department should patrol long distances by marking the Leopard’s side.

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