Harish Rawat asked why backdoor recruiters are not punished?

Even though the backdoor recruitment in Uttarakhand Vidhansabha has been cancelled, the ruckus is not ending. Now former Chief Minister and Congress leader Harish Rawat has targeted those who did these recruitments for not taking action.

Harish Rawat has written a Facebook post. In this long post written on Facebook, Harish Rawat has asked, ‘Whether corruption was done only by the children who got jobs or some other people were also involved in that corruption! If other people were also involved then what is the punishment given to them? Those who got jobs lost their jobs but those who gave jobs have been rewarded, haven’t they?’

Along with this, Harish Rawat has also targeted the BJP. Harish Rawat has also targeted the statement of BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt in which he has said that the Dhami government has attacked corruption.

Along with this, Harish Rawat has also raised questions in the post regarding the appointments made before 2016. Are the previous appointments clean? Haven’t the relatives of influential people got jobs in them and in subsequent appointments as well?

If found, then the details from the beginning till now on the floor of the Vidhansabha that who are such people, what position they hold and to which influential person they are relatives, relatives, close relatives! Doesn’t Uttarakhand also have the right to know this?

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