Haridwar: Uttarakhand Migration by unemployment, commission submitted report to govt

Not only the hilly districts of Uttarakhand but also the plains are facing the problem of migration due to unemployment. Although it is temporary in the plains. The report of the Rural Development and Migration Prevention Commission on Haridwar district is confirming this. According to the report, in a decade, the population of urban areas of Haridwar increased by 55 percent.

Commission believes that a large number of people in this are those who have temporarily left the village and come to the cities for employment. Shrinking agricultural holdings, poor education and health services along with unemployment are the main reasons for migration in the district. The commission has submitted the report to the government.

According to the commission’s report, temporary migration of youth is taking place in most of the rural areas for employment in factories and nearby cities. Migration is also taking place due to lack of good education and health services. Between 2008 and 2018, 8168 people have made temporary migration in total 153 gram panchayats of the district.

Maximum 3091 persons in 46 gram panchayats of Bahadarabad block and 111 persons in six gram panchayats of Narsan block have made temporary migration. Apart from this, 574 persons have also made temporary migration in 10 gram panchayats related to Laksar and Khanpur blocks. In total 73 gram panchayats in the district, 1251 persons have migrated permanently in the last 10 years. In this maximum 571 people have made permanent migration in 27 gram panchayats of Bahadarabad block.

Decreasing agricultural holdings are also a major reason for migration
Decreasing agricultural holdings in the district have also emerged as a major reason for migration. More than 70 percent farmers of the district have two to five bighas of land. Such farmers are migrating out of towns or district in search of other sources of livelihood. Agriculture is also being harmed by wild animals in many blocks. The crop is getting destroyed due to the outbreak of Nilgai. The report stresses the need to find a solution in collaboration with the Forest Department.

Haridwar District Status
The geographical area of Haridwar district is 2360 sq km, which is 4.4 percent of the total geographical area of the state. The population of the district is 18.70 percent of the total population of the state.

Temporary migration situation in the district
Block – Gram Panchayat – Number of People
Bahadarabad 46 3091
Roorkee 40 2376
Bhagwanpur 32 1716
Khanpur 17 300
Luxor 10 574
Narson 8 111
total 153 8168
Status of permanent migration in the district
Block Gram Panchayat Number of People
Bahadarabad 27 571
Roorkee 04 39
Bhagwanpur 22 468
Khanpur 13 142
Luxor 02 03
narson 05 28
total 73 1251

Report based on migration in Haridwar district has been prepared in the last six months. It has been handed over to Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami. In the report, measures have also been suggested to strengthen social, economic development and reduce migration in rural areas of Haridwar district. – Dr. SS Negi, Vice President, Rural Development and Migration Prevention Commission.

Now the commission has submitted report of 12 districts
The Rural Development and Migration Prevention Commission has so far submitted reports of 12 districts including Haridwar to the government. Now only Udham Singh Nagar district is left whose report is to be submitted to the government. Survey work is going on these days in Udham Singh Nagar district. According to SS Negi, Vice Chairman of the commission, the report of Udham Singh Nagar district will also be submitted to the government in the next six months.

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