Electricity crisis in Uttarakhand, cold increased record 48 million units demand

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With the increase of cold in Uttarakhand state, huge power crisis has arisen. Daily demand for electricity has reached record 48 million units. To compensate, UPCL has sent a team of two directors to Delhi, who will demand special power from NTPC to fulfil electricity crisis in Uttarakhand.

Actually, due to the shortage of gas and coal, there is a huge shortage of electricity in the country. In the last eight days, against 250 MW, only 104 MW has been made available in the market. The situation has become such that electricity is not available at any cost in the Indian Energy Exchange.

According to UPCL, the electricity which is also being received is being received at the rate of Rs 12 per unit. Buying such expensive electricity and delivering it to the consumers has become a big challenge. Because of this, UPCL has started power cuts of three to five hours daily in rural areas. Energy Corporation Management says that if the power shortage increases and it is not available from the market, then gradually the reduction will have to be extended to the industries.

Demand reaches record 48 MU
The demand for electricity in the state has reached a record 48 million units (four crore 80 lakh units) amidst the cold, while UPCL is getting only 35 to 37 million units of electricity from the central and state pools. Buying eight to ten million units of electricity daily has become a challenge in front of UPCL.

Two officers reached Delhi
UPCL has sent two officers to Delhi amid power shortage. He has taken the letter of UPCL Chairman and Additional Chief Secretary Radha Raturi. Uttarakhand has been demanding that special power be made available to the state from NTPC to overcome the shortage.

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