Effects in Uttarakhand due to lunar eclipse, remedy to avoid side effects

The second and last lunar eclipse of 2022 (Chandra Grahan 2022) is going to happen on November 8. After the first eclipse in the month of May, this time the lunar eclipse is considered special in many ways. The eclipse in India will start at 5.32 pm on November 8 and will end at 7.27 pm.

Its effect will be seen in Uttarakhand also. Badrinath and other temples will remain closed on November 8 during the lunar eclipse to avoid any ill effects. Maa Laxmi Temple including Badrinath Temple, Matamurti Temple, Adikedareshwar Temple, Shri Narsingh Temple Joshimath, Vasudev Temple, Durga Temple, Yog Badri Pandukeshwar, Dhyan Badri Urgam, Bhavishya Badri Temple Subhai Tapovan, Shri Omkareshwar Temple Ukhimath, Kedar Madmaheshwar, Trijuginarayan Temple Kapat Will be closed

Along with this, all small and big temples including Kalimath Maa Kali Temple, Gopal Mandir Nandprayag, Nav Durga Mandir Tehri, Sadguru Dham Mandir Sera, Maa Durga Chandravadani Temple Kargi Chowk Dehradun will remain closed throughout the day. While giving this information, the media in-charge of Badrinath- Kedarnath Temple Committee, Dr. Harish Gaur said that all the temples subordinate to the temple committee and those with customs will be closed from the beginning of the eclipse period.

According to the astrological time calculations, the lunar eclipse in the entire universe will start at 1.30 pm in a day. It will be till 7.27 pm in the evening. In India, the eclipse will start at 5:32 pm and will end at 6.18 pm. In this way the eclipse period will be limited.

This will be the period of lunar eclipse

The total duration of the lunar eclipse will be 1 hour 95 minutes. Last time on May 16, the first lunar eclipse took place from 8.59 am to 10.23 am. This time the lunar eclipse will be 31 minutes longer than before. This lunar eclipse is taking place on the day of Dev Deepawali, exactly 15 days after the solar eclipse.

That is, this time the day of lunar eclipse is the full moon date of Kartik month. On this day Hindus celebrate Dev Deepawali festival in India. According to astrologer Dr. Sushant Raj, according to the scriptures and almanacs, if a eclipse occurs on the day of Dev Deepawali, then this date becomes very important.

By the way, eclipse is not considered good in the scriptures. This is the reason that people do not do any auspicious work during this period. People can easily see this eclipse in India, North and South America, all the islands of Asia, countries of Eastern and South Europe, Australia, Pacific Atlantic and Indian Ocean.

do not see with the naked eye

If you want to see the eclipse, do not look with the naked eye. Be sure to wear the necessary equipment for this, otherwise the eyes may get damaged. Because dangerous rays fall on the earth during lunar eclipse and solar eclipse. There is a possibility of causing many types of damages due to this.

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