Doctors who came to visit Mussoorie, rescued young man injured by accident

Dehradun: The noble picture has come out from Uttarakhand. Two doctors from Delhi to visit Mussoorie, have acted like angels. Dr. Shikha and Dr. Gaurav had come to visit Mussoorie. Meanwhile, near Hotel Gateway, a bike rider got out of control and hit the hill.  Biker was seriously injured in the accident.

Delhi’s doctors Gaurav Chawal and Dr Shikha were also passing through the spot. They saw the condition of injured and without delay took them to Mussoorie Sub District Hospital in their car.

Both doctors of Delhi treated the seriously injured man in the accident with the help of the doctors of sub district hospital. Mussoorie police said that the injured Vinod is resident of Gaddi Khana, a bookstore in Mussoorie.

Vinod was going to Mussoorie Petrol Pump for some work in the afternoon. Bike suddenly went out of control near the Gateway Hotel, due to which Vinod hit the mountain. Vinod was seriously injured in the accident.

Delhi’s Dr. Gaurav Chawal and Dr. Shikha told that they had come to visit Mussoorie. When they were returning from Bhatta Falls. So they saw a man in bloodied condition on the side of road. After which they took him to the hospital in their car.

After which they were treated and Vinod got new life. This noble work of Dr. Shikha and Dr. Gaurav is being praised everywhere. They said that following the duty of an doctor, they helped and treated the injured.

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