DM held public court, listened complaints

Haldwani: Today District Magistrate held a public court and listened to the problems of the people. Hundreds of complaints were registered in the ‘Janata Darbar’ (public court) by the complainants mainly related to the problem of drinking water, road, earthquake, pension, disaster, financial assistance, land encroachment, regulation of class 4 land, arms license etc.

On this occasion, the District Magistrate also gave instructions to make the concerned officers present on the spot aware by resolving the problems within the stipulated time period. Village head organization president Dikar Singh Mewari apprised that in the month of August, the only teacher working in our school, NMC Kotli, was transferred by the District Education Officer (Pvt.) without sending a new teacher, due to which the school remained closed for a week .

Apprised by the village head that requested to cancel the transfer adjustment and promotion of teachers. On which the District Magistrate directed the District Education Officer to take appropriate action. The applicant was informed by Bhim Ram resident of Suryagaon that the land and house of mine and my nephew Ajay was located in Suryagaon and in the above village itself, Sundar Lal Arya occupied the said land on the strength of his bullying. The pressure was made to leave the house, he is threatening to kill him if he does not do so. On which the District Magistrate directed the concerned officer to take action.

On which the District Magistrate directed the concerned officers to take appropriate action. Apprised by the applicant Rajendra Singh Bisht that village Panchayat Kaunta of development block Okhalkanda is in the most remote area, where road was constructed from the main road towards Kaunta village with the help of MLA fund and villagers, which was due to excessive rain, debris in the motor road and The lower part of the road has collapsed. The Sarpach requested for improvement in the said motorway and construction of check dam. On which the District Magistrate gave instructions to the concerned officer.

These people also narrated their complaint

The applicant Jagdish Chandra Mishra, resident of Halduchaud, informed that the residence of the applicant has started dripping due to the rains on October 05, on which financial assistance has been requested, on which the District Magistrate directed to take appropriate action.

Prema Belwal, assistant teacher, holding NCDC Akoda informed that according to medical advice, in view of delivery within next two months, the applicant was requested to be associated with NP Kheda for teacher work for the next three months under temporary work arrangement. On which the District Magistrate directed the District Education Officer to take action.

The residents of Haldikhal, Jwarjyoti area informed that heavy damage has been caused to the houses located around the Barsati Paniyali drain. have been adjusted.

The rainy drain has hollowed out the foundations of many houses by eroding them from inside. On which the District Magistrate directed the concerned officers to take appropriate action. Additional District Magistrate Ashok Joshi, City Magistrate Richa Singh, Probation Officer Vyoma Jain, along with officers of other departments were present in the Janata Darbar.

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