Dhami govt’s plan for uniform civil law in Uttarakhand

The tenure of the expert committee constituted by the Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami government to decide the draft of Uniform Civil Code-UCC (Uniform Civil Law) in Uttarakhand is set to extend. Now only a few days are left in the deadline for the committee to submit its report. But the committee has so far been able to work on only a few subjects fixed for civil law.

Meanwhile, thousands of suggestions from among the public have also increased the work of the committee. On May 27, the state government constituted a five-member committee headed by Justice Ranjana Desai and asked it to submit its report in six months. In view of this time limit, the initial five months of the committee have elapsed.

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The government has asked the committee to specifically look into the issues of marriage, divorce, right to property, succession, inheritance, adoption, maintenance and protection. But so far the committee has been able to work only on a few subjects. Meanwhile, the committee had asked the people to give their opinion on this subject by 23 October, in which the work of the committee has increased even after receiving more than one lakh suggestions.

However, in this, most people have supported or opposed in favor instead of giving concrete talk on the subject. But according to a member of the committee, despite this everyone’s opinion has to be recorded. Along with this, the committee has not been able to complete the dialogue with the people even after going to the districts.

In these circumstances, the committee is sure to get at least one extension. According to sources, in the next one to two months, the committee will do the main work of drafting after assessing the suggestions of the people. For this reason the final report is bound to take time.

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