Dhami cabinet minister Subodh Uniyal will now stake claim for Lok Sabha elections

Subodh Uniyal

Cabinet Minister Subodh Uniyal has now announced not to contest the assembly elections. Political implications are being extracted from his statement. Subodh surprised everyone by making this announcement in a program organized on the state foundation day at Narendranagar town hall on Wednesday.

During his speech, Cabinet Minister Subodh spoke on issues like state movement, state building, development of the state as well as positive and negative thinking etc. He even raised questions on the increasing prevalence of alcohol in elections, casteism and regionalism etc. Subodh then said that the issues he is referring to are not because he has to contest elections again.

Earlier he said that now he will not contest elections. Then making it clear that he will not contest from Narendranagar assembly seat. In a conversation with Hindustan, Cabinet Minister Subodh said that whether the election is of village head, area panchayat member or Lok Sabha member, the public should choose the right representative. Democracy will be strengthened only by choosing the right representative and the development of the region will go ahead.

He said that now he will contest the Lok Sabha elections instead of the assembly. It is clear from Subodh’s gestures that now his eyes are on the Tehri Lok Sabha seat. Subodh has also been a Bar MLA from Narendranagar after the formation of the state. Even before this he had been a cabinet minister. Mala Rajya Laxmi Shah is the BJP MP from Tehri seat. She became an MP for the first time in the 2012 by-election and since then she has been continuously elected MP.

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