Couple fell asleep by lighting winter stove in room, child died in womb

Couple fainted due to gas by winter stove in Tallital area. Neighbors admitted him to BD Pandey Hospital. Their condition is improving, but eight-month-old baby died in woman’s womb. Lalit lives in Tallital area with his wife Deepika.

On Saturday night, Lalit lit the stove in the room and both fell asleep after having dinner. Lalit suddenly started feeling dizzy late in the night, so somehow he informed the neighbors about it. By the time the neighbors reached the spot, both had fainted. Neighbors took both of them to BD Pandey Hospital.

When both of them regained consciousness on Sunday morning, the doctors came to know that the woman was pregnant. In the morning examination, the doctors found that there was movement in the fetus, but during the late evening examination, the fetus stopped moving.

Hospital’s PMS Dr. LMS Rawat has confirmed the death of the unborn fetus. He told that the woman has been kept in the hospital for 24 hours. Dead fetus will be removed after 24 hours.

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